AT1 - Extended Theories of Gravity and Quantum Cosmology


Pasic, Vedad


Barakovic, Elvis

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Axial Torsion Waves in Metric-affine Gravity


We construct new explicit vacuum solutions of quadratic metric-affine gravity. The approach of metric-affine gravity in using an independent affine connection produces a theory with 10+64 unknowns, which implies admitting torsion and possible nonmetricity. Our spacetimes are generalisations of classical pp-waves, four-dimensional Lorentzian spacetimes which admit a nonvanishing parallel spinor field. We generalize this definition to metric compatible spacetimes with pp-metric and purely axial torsion. It has been suggested that one can interpret that the axial component of torsion as the Hodge dual of the electromagnetic vector potential. We compare these solutions with our previous results and other solutions of classical models describing the interaction of gravitational and neutrino fields.

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